Sharjeel Siddique

Software Developer / Startup Enthusiast

About Me

I’m good at solving problems collaboratively, asking the right questions to understand the "why", & soliciting feedback on ways to improve.

In my first year of college, I started a coworking space for like-minded people to come together and build cool stuff with technology. In my final year, while solving my own pain problem of customer experience, I started a chatbot development company where we generated more than $100k in the span of two years.

Technically-speaking, I'm strongest within the JavaScript ecosystems and like to surround myself with NodeJS run time environment and ReactJS Library. But where my experience stands out is in technical strategy and helping teams marry business needs with sustainable solutions.

For me, the software is never complete.

Latest Projects

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Chanun - Anonymously chatting with your friends.

A facebook chatbot that lets you match with people who have similar interests without revealing your identity. Allows you to engage in long conversation and matches based on interest.

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GRE Chatbot - Improve English vocabulary

Improve your English vocabulary by training with a chatbot. Works like a flash cards where users gets point and difficulty of words increases for answering right.

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Won the best Mini project in Undergrad and later sold the product. Build websites by integrating your facebook page. Simply add your facebook page URL and convert it into a website. All contents are pulled from your facebook page and get displayed on your website.

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AI Text Predictor

Stacey predictor generates answers to the questions from the text provided. It's implemented using various AI libraries like tensor flow and Amazon Kendra. Simply feed the text and ask questions to get answers.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer - Cerner Jan 2021 - Present

  • Create and call different APIs to help the consumers of the platform.
  • Understand the software aspect in the healthcare.

Software Engineer Intern - Eze Wholesale Aug 2020 - Present

A YC Backed startup

  • Use sickW API to check Mobile IMEI
  • Test functionalities of the trading platform both frontend and backend to ensure realtime data updates.
  • Ensure site and certificate in real-time from multiple locations are pinged.
  • Test REST API and collections on Postman and maintain on-time deliverables with version control (Git).

Software Engineer - Zuzis May 2019 - Aug 2020

Volunteered to work with a startup that helps doctors with recording and maintaining patient notes by integrating a speech to text software in the EHR system.

As part of driving sales and managing the engineering team. I assisted the company flagship product VoiceboxMD.

  • Modified existing web app with HTML, CSS along with JavaScript to improve user experience and incorporated SEO techniques translating to 40% boost in web traffic.
  • Implemented new API endpoints that provided critical connectivity of the web app.
  • Incorporated features such as Authentication (JWT), Push-notification, and real-time data tracking (Redis).
  • Created the EHR Compatibility tool using Vanilla Javascript.
  • Cut down the churn rate by 30% by identifying product bugs and enforcing a customer-centric cancelation process.
  • Identified and resolved any HIPPA compliance issues.

Co-Founder & Technical Lead - BotHook Aug 2016 - Dec 2019)

While in my junior year, I wrote the first line of code for a product that later turned into a company and served to many enterprise clients.

During my tenure, I've led the team of engineers and as well collaborated with them in shipping key features of the product.

This was run as a side hustle while working full-time in a startup as a developer.

  • Monitored day-to-day operations and managed products and team of developers.
  • Generated revenue of more than $100k in two years of operation.
  • Developed responsive real-time front-end applications using React Js and SAAS (CSS pre-processor).
  • Lead development cycle and team with flow control while maintaining on-time deliverables for business needs.
  • Created, modified client side code based on node.js. Implemented/fixed views, models and collections.
  • Built chatbot cost calculator using JavaScript and increased leads by more than 60%.
  • Trained intents on Dialog flow to accommodate NLP in chatbots.

Software Developer Intern - OrderState
Athens, Attika, Greece (June 2019 - August 2019)

During my Masters, In summer, I decided to pack my bags and head over to Europe for an internship opportunity to work for a startup and enahnce my technical skill

  • Writing test cases for Order creation and managing inventories.
  • Used Postman to build collections for testing and API calls.
  • Worked with Jenkins (CI/CD automation) and Gitlab CI/CD (automation)
  • Built a landing page using Gatsby and deployed with Netlify.

Software Developer - Hackmania
Hyderabad, India (2017 - 2018)

Straight out of college, I joined a Hackathon company that was focus in delivering tools necessary for companies to conduct Hackathon. I immersed myself with working on frameworks of JavaScript like React.js and node.js

  • Reduced Web page response time by leveraging browser cache.
  • Created and managed Amazon EC2 instance and distributed content using Amazon CloudFront.
  • Used Tested API and created collections in Postman.
  • Refactored and increased code coverage in existing product.